Benefits of Prepaid to Consumers

Great foreign exchange (FX) rates

There is no better way to take foreign currency overseas, than on a prepaid card. Simply buy the currency you desire before you go, and you will lock in your rate. Buying the currency is as simple as loading your card at 1 of thousands of load points, or register your everyday bank acct or debit card of choice - then you simply transfer money to your card any time via a secure website.

Using your card Overseas

Your travel card functions exactly like a local's card. For example, when you visit the Eurozone, your PFS Euro Prepaid Card will function exactly like a card from that country, you will not be subject to currency conversions or commissions on your purchases. You'll be able to use it at restaurants, shops, ATM's etc. just like you use your everyday card at home. No more trying to calculate exchange rates on the go, you are actually purchasing in the local currency.

Safe and secure

Traveller's cheques are very much a thing of the past. The growth in Prepaid cards for travel has exploded, and with good reason. Cards are more widely accepted, you don't present your passport and sign anything to authorise and card's are smaller, easier and fit in your wallet/purse. No hassle, no fuss, just a single card and you're away. Simple.

Not linked to your bank account

Cards are prepaid, meaning they have no credit or loan facility alongside. This means you can only spend what you load. What you load, is what you can access, that's it. In the extremely unlikely event someone did obtain your card AND got access to your security PIN, the maximum amount accessible is the loaded amount (or the daily limit of the card).

Emergency functions

All Prepaid Financial Services cards have a range of simple tools so you can manage your card. SMS functions enable the following actions almost instantly;

  • Text to block card – this temporarily deactivates the card. No transactions will be processed while the card is deactivated.
  • Text to unblock card – the reverse of the above or reactivate the card
  • Text to transfer funds – with a preregistered debit card or bank acct of choice, you are able to action a transfer of funds to 'top up' your prepaid card
  • Text for balance – send and SMS to reveal your card balance

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