Money Share

Money Share Cards

Money Share Prepaid cards are a simple and cost effective way to share funds with friends, family, and associates at home and abroad.

Sharing Money Abroad

If you need to regularly send funds overseas, a Prepaid Money Share card is a faster, more secure, and cost effective solution than other wire transfer options. Large fees can be incurred to send money abroad when transacted through a money transfer bureau and if the transfer requires currency conversion there is the addition of FX rates and mark ups. Money share on prepaid cards not only allows money to be shared instantly but also internationally*.

Instant and convenient

There are times when an hour or two is simply too long to wait to share or receive money. Using prepaid money share cards, the movement of funds is carried out realtime, funds are debited from one card and immediately credited to the other. By using our SMS functionality the user doesn't need to wait until they can get to a computer or be limited by a merchant's opening hours, they can simply send an SMS to complete the transaction. Both the sender and recipient will receive a confirmation SMS once the money has been shared and the funds are ready for use immediately.

Greater Security

By sharing money with another prepaid card, you can be assured the funds will reach the person who has the card in their possession. Our secure Chip and PIN functionality means the funds will not end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, if a card is misplaced or the user wants to keep it secure when not in use, the card can be locked from use using SMS or IVR.

* Restrictions apply