Travel Cards

Travel Money Cards

Prepaid Travel Money Cards are ideal for use when travelling.

The PFS Travel Money Prepaid Card is available as a Euro prepaid card, a US dollar prepaid card and a South African Rand prepaid card, an Australian Dollar prepaid card and offers excellent exchange rates.

These cards are ideal for frequent travellers or gap year students. Your travel money can be loaded prior to travelling abroad. This eliminates the need for Travellers Cheques or for carrying large amounts of local currency, creating a more secure environment for spending your money abroad. PFS Travel Money Prepaid Cards are issued by a regulated E-money Institution, in association with MasterCard®. The cards are loaded with funds at the cheapest FX rates prior to use and are accepted globally for merchant and Internet purchases or cash withdrawals from ATMs.

The card can be loaded with travel money:

  • Directly from your bank account.
  • Online using a Debit or Credit card.
  • Or by using SMS if you have already registered a Debit or Credit card.
  • Load your PFS Travel Money Prepaid Card with cash at more than 30,000 Payzone locations throughout the UK.

Our online account management facility provides you access to view your pre paid travel money balance, your transactions and reload your card, 24 hours a day, seven days a week no matter how far away your travel destination.

Our PFS Prepaid Travel Money Cards are MasterCard branded and can be used to make purchases at over 34 Million merchant locations globally. They can also be used to spend securely on line. The card can also be used to access cash at over one million ATMs around the world.

By using the PFS Prepaid Travel Money Card as your Travel Card, you can have 24-hour access to your funds, increased security and purchasing control and enhanced spending management abilities. We believe we offer the best currency exchange rates making this card a very appealing proposition for frequent travellers. Applying for and obtaining a card is simple as no bank account or previous credit history is required. Cardholders can conveniently check their balance through IVR, SMS or Internet.

Manage your money more effectively

If you are concerned about your holiday or trip going over budget you can load your daily or weekly budget onto the card meaning you can never spend more than you intended. Our card is a prepaid card so you can never spend any more than the current balance of the card.
If you do decide to splash out, your card can easily be loaded with more funds, at any time by phone, SMS or online.