European Euro Card

Travel Money Cards - Euro

The Prepaid Financial Services Euro Travel Money Prepaid Card allows cardholders to avail of the cheapest FX rates and is ideal for frequent travellers to the Eurozone. Our Prepaid Travel Money Card is a MasterCard® branded card which can be used in 34 Million locations worldwide that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

The recent credit crisis and falling value of the pound have led consumers to seek out better value when purchasing their foreign currency. Our Prepaid Euro Travel Card offers the best currency exchange rates combined with the ease of use and flexibility of a prepaid card. Our rates compare favourably with a number of high profile companies found on the high street and at airports.

Your Travel Money Card can be loaded with Euros prior to travel from a debit/credit card or by bank transfer. No need for queuing at airports and foreign exchange bureaus anymore. Your card can be managed from the comfort of your home and can even by topped up using a simple SMS command once you have registered a loading card on our website. If you do go over budget during your trip the card can always be topped up with more funds.

*PFS Top Tip - Exchange rates fluctuate on a minute by minute basis. If you have plans to go abroad in the next few months it is worthwhile waiting for a favourable exchange rate before loading your PFS Euro Travel Money Card. The better the interest rate the more money you have on your card. Once you have loaded your card, the funds on the card do not fluctuate in value, they are set at the value at which you purchased them.