South African Rand

Travel Money Cards - South African Rand

The South African Travel Card is a Prepaid MasterCard which can be loaded with South African Rand (ZAR) prior to your trip to South Africa. It is the only product of its type currently available in Europe. The card eliminates the need for tourists to carry around large amounts of local currency, creating a more secure environment for your trip. The cards are loaded with funds at excellent exchange rates prior to use and are accepted globally for merchant and internet purchases or cash withdrawals from ATMs.

The card can be loaded with travel money:

  • For free directly from your bank account.
  • Online using a Debit or Credit card.
  • Using SMS if you have already registered a Debit or Credit card.

The South African Travel Card is widely accepted for purchases throughout South Africa and can be used to access cash at over one million ATMs globally. The South African Travel Card gives you 24-hour access to your funds, increased security and purchasing control and enhanced spending management abilities.

We believe we offer the best currency exchange rates making this card a very appealing proposition for frequent travellers and first time visitors alike. Applying for and obtaining a card is simple as no bank account or previous credit history is required. Cardholders can conveniently check their balance through online or via SMS.

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