A PFS e-Voucher is an electronic stored value voucher that can be pre-printed or generated real-time from merchant terminals or websites. The voucher can then be redeemed by the user via a number of channels online, via SMS as well as through merchant interfaces. Once redeemed, the value of the e-Voucher is transferred to the users’ prepaid card or account with that merchant and funds are instantly available for use.

How can e-Vouchers be used?

e-Vouchers can be used by merchants in any scenario which requires their customers to load value to their account, effectively allowing cash in the form of a purchased voucher to be loaded to that account. It can be used for loading prepaid cards, transferring money to an e-wallet, loading a gaming account online or any other account type that is integrated with the PFS payments platform.

Key Features of PFS e-Vouchers

  • Available in multiple currencies
  • Available in various denominations depending on merchant requirements.
  • Can be fixed value or percentage based e-Vouchers.
  • Expiry date of e-Voucher can be defined.
  • Vouchers can be used exclusively or transferrable for gifting purposes.

Benefits of e-Vouchers to Merchants and Service Providers

Merchants and services providers in the following sectors benefit from the use of e-Vouchers - retail, ticketing and events, gaming, food & beverages, hospitality and travel.

The use of e-Vouchers provides merchants and services providers with numerous benefits:

  • Offers easy and convenient mechanism for customers to load account.
  • Additional opportunity for providers to market their brand and promotional offers.
  • Allows providers to use e-Vouchers as part of short term campaigns around holidays and special occasions.
  • Providers can generate, distribute, redeem and track e-Vouchers using a single platform.
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for merchants and service providers.

How do Consumers use e-Vouchers?

e-Vouchers are extremely convenient to use for end users.

Buy an


Activate via SMS/IVR/Online


Redeem and Transfer to Account


Funds available on Prepaid Account

  • Buy a PFS e-Voucher with cash, card online or at a participating merchant location.
  • Activate your e-Voucher using the simple instructions online, via SMS or IVR.
  • Use the e-Voucher to top up your prepaid card account.
  • Funds are now instantly available for use on your prepaid card account.

PFS e-Voucher solutions are already used by over 20,000 merchants and service providers across various industries. If you are interested in finding out how your business can benefit from our e-Voucher solutions, please contact a member of our sales team call us on +44 (0)207 125 0321 or e-mail us at [email protected]