Government Prepaid Solutions

Government Prepaid Solutions

For a Local Authority or Government body prepaid cards can streamline previously cumbersome procedures as well as providing an accurate and timely audit trail.

The ability to issue a card and distribute value in emergency situations provides further evidence of the flexible nature of prepaid for payment disbursement. Regardless of how the need has arisen, whether its a result of flooding, loss of home or an emergency welfare payment, the prepaid card enables the Government body to issue funds real-time to an individual. For recurring benefit payments, funds can be loaded by batch file on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. SMS messages can be triggered to inform recipients that funds have been loaded to the card, as well as informing them when the card reaches certain pre-defined balances.

Public Sector Organisations want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline operations & resources
  • Better serve customers
  • Increase control and transparency
  • Improve security
  • Have access to reporting and analytics
  • Have the capacity to distribute funds quickly in an emergency

Customers have a desire for:

  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Flexibility and enhanced security
  • Access to payment services if unbanked

Our fully scalable prepaid platform has been proven in the field, as a lowcost alternative to cheque and voucher based disbursments. Central and Local Governments are embracing the functionality and control that prepaid cards provide.

The PFS prepaid card solution caters for benefits payout, travel, teen, expenses and payroll requirements. Prepaid products can also be issued over the counter to recipients for emergency funding and ongoing payments, reducing and potentially eliminating the need to hold cash on the premises, along with the associated insurance and risk costs.

Councils and government bodies can reach beneficiaries with greater efficiency as cards can be issued quickly and without a large paperwork overhead. PFS has strived to reduce time spent processing and disbursing funds and have created custom loading functionality to facilitate distribution of funds.

The Prepaid Payment card model has considerable benefits for both the body distributing funds and the end-user.

Government payment cards provide a valuable 'choice' for the receiver. The power to elect where funds are sent can be critical. The prepaid card enables a cardholder to receive funds into an account they control and access funds as they would with any 'regular' bank account.

The ability to use this card on the internet and over the phone provides the cardholder with access to goods, services and prices that may have been unavailable to them previously.

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