Programme Management

Programme Management

A card programme, that is properly managed, will run smoothly, and has the potential to be very profitable.

With so many card-based financial products on the market, making the right choice for your business or organisation can become more of a guessing game than a strategic business decision. That's why at Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) we use our vast industry experience to offer customized prepaid solutions.

PFS are a Prepaid card programme manager, with a unique middleware technology solution, integrated to multiple processors and banks globally. PFS analyse our client's needs, develop a suitable programme, assist with the deployment, and ensure that the programme functions the way it should by utilising the PFS middleware technology solutions.

Prepaid card programs are beneficial to large companies, associations, or organizations because they provide an alternative source of income, while at the same time increasing brand awareness and building stronger relationships with customers or members. Moreover, because the cards feature custom designs and logos, they function as an additional promotional tool.

Prepaid programmes require market research, analysis, a detailed programme outline and a strategy for deployment. At PFS we assist with every aspect of the programme, including finding a card issuer and processor, developing a marketing plan, conducting cost analysis, supporting the roll-out, and most importantly, the day to day management of the programme.

Our goal is to ensure that when opting for a customized program, your needs are fulfilled, your goals are achieved, and the program is successful.

  • PFS provide a turnkey solution
  • PFS will guide you in the right direction
  • No need to arrange any third party suppliers
  • Benefit from the knowledge that PFS have obtained from years of experience in the prepaid sector

PFS's card programs can be customised to benefit a wide range of businesses, for corporate use (such as prepaid payroll cards, business expenses cards, fuel cards and loyalty schemes) and for end-consumers (such as general spend prepaid, instant issue, gift, travel, insurance and teen cards).

Design and creation

PFS can assist and design all your marketing materials. A well designed card can be a very effective branding tool and an important addition to your marketing mix.


At Prepaid Financial Services we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.


Managing a card program can often be a time consuming and labour intensive task, therefore many of our clients choose to leverage our extensive experience by allowing us to fully or partially direct their programmes. We offer a customized approach to programme management, meaning that we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each individual client and programme.

Other Services
  • Program monitoring and cost control
  • Risk management
  • Security and Fraud analysis and monitoring
  • Call centre services
  • Customer service training
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing and brand awareness
  • Client acquisition and retention

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