Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are changing the way we pay and it's never been faster or easier.

You are no longer limited to swiping your card, paying with cash, or even carrying your wallet. Your contactless enabled product could be a card, phone, watch, key fob or an adhesive tag - whichever is the most convenient for you. It's as simple as touching your contactless enabled product on the PayPass™ or payWave terminal to pay for your goods at the checkout.

Contactless technology works through a small NFC antenna that is embedded into the contactless product. When you touch your product against the PayPass or payWave terminal, the antenna communicates to your bank or financial institution via the MasterCard® or Visa network to approve your transaction and deduct the funds from your available balance. It really is that simple.

As part of our on-going strategy to offer the most up to date technology, PFS has been working with industry leaders to bring our own contactless solutions to customers. PFS also offer a MasterCard PayPass enabled adhesive tag. One of the many benefits of owning one of our adhesive tags is that you can choose the device you attach it to. You are not limited to the most up to date mobile phone or carrying something else in your pocket, as the technology is within the tag itself so it can be attached to, any mobile phone, your MP3 player or even your gym card.

Manchester City Football Club MasterCard Prepaid Seasoncard with PayPass

Key PFS staff were closely involved with the rollout of the first prepaid card to combine stadium access functionality with a PayPass enabled payment card.

The card issued by MBNA was the first of its kind. The card allowed users to:

  • Access the City of Manchester stadium
  • Make contactless purchases in the stadium using their card
  • Make contactless payments outside of the stadium and withdraw cash

The card served to:

  • Reduce queuing time for supporters when accessing the stadium
  • The time taken to make purchases in the stadium where significantly reduced with the contactless Tap and Go purchases
  • Average time per cash transaction is 33.7 seconds average time for a contactless transaction is 12.5 seconds
  • Merchants in the stadium reported up 14% increase in turnover during the half time interval

The card was rightly considered one of the world's most advanced payment mechanisms