Mobile Banking

Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) offer a unique suite of mobile functions, providing both flexibility and additional security to cardholders. Cardholders can retrieve their PIN via SMS thus registering their mobile number to their card.

Once registered, the cardholder can use our SMS balance retrieval facility, by sending a simple BALANCE command from their handset to the PFS SMS Gateway. The balance is returned real-time removing the need to call a call centre or access their account online.

The cardholder can choose to add an extra layer of security to their card by utilising the ‘LOCK’ function which involves sending a simple SMS message to the PFS SMS Gateway, ensuring that the card will not allow any ATM or POS transactions should it be compromised in any way. The cardholder can reverse the ‘LOCK’ by sending an SMS to ‘UNLOCK’ the card and making the funds available for use at POS and ATM.

Cardholders who are reluctant to have their card loaded with cash until they need it, can choose to load the card from a pre-registered Debit card, as and when they need to make a purchase. A simple SMS LOAD command will make the funds available to the cardholder in a matter of seconds.

PFS Moneyshare offers cardholders the ability to send funds quickly and easily, 24/7, once they know the card number or mobile number of the recipient. The sender can send an SMS to the PFS SMS gateway asking to transfer an amount from their card to another card. These funds will leave their account and credit the recipient account in seconds, making the funds immediately available for spend to the recipient, whether they are at home or abroad. This functionality provides a cost-effective and cheap alternative to traditional money transfer outlets. Please note that for regulatory reasons partner cards cannot be sent to India.

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