Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) cardholders currently enjoy the ability to manage their card using our proprietary SMS functionality.

Cardholders can get their PIN by SMS, lock and unlock their card from use, share funds* with other cardholders and check their balance using a mobile phone. Our experience with SMS based card management has left us in an ideal position to capitalise on the growth of smartphones and to create desirable next generation products for our clients and cardholders.

The emergence of smartphones has led to a gradual convergence of the mobile and payments sectors. PFS see this as an opportunity to harness our card and payments expertise, with emerging mobile technologies, to deliver new and exciting products to complement our current offering.

Prepaid Financial Services ATM Locator

PFS have a free iPhone app available to the public. The PFS ATM Finder locates the nearest ATM to the cardholder based on their GPS position. The app allows users to:

  • Find the location of the nearest ATM based on their current position
  • Get directions to the nearest ATM using Google Maps
  • Know if the ATM is free or if there are charges for withdrawals
  • Download the PFS ATM Finder here. It's completely free of charge!

Our second generation iPhone App allows users to:

  • Manage their card using their mobile device
  • Generate virtual cards for secure spending online
  • Load a card using a voucher or debit card
  • Share money with other iPhone customers, creating a virtual card simultaneously
  • View transactions
  • Find a cash top-up location

Our commitment to innovation and harnessing new technologies means PFS are well positioned to meet the demands of our clients and cardholders in the coming years.

*Please note that for regulatory reasons partner cards cannot be sent to India.