Loading your card

You can load your PFS Prepaid MasterCard® using a number of different methods.

Simply choose the method that is most convenient to you

Payzone™ is Europe's largest branded consumer payments acceptance network. Pop into any one of over 20,000 outlets throughout the UK and top-up your PFS Prepaid MasterCard.

  1. Simply ask the shopkeeper at the counter to top up your PFS card.
  2. The shop keeper will swipe your card through his terminal.
    (Please note you should never be asked to enter your PIN into the terminal).
  3. The shop keeper will enter the value you wish to load on his terminal.
  4. The card will be loaded within seconds.
  5. You should receive a receipt with the amount you have loaded clearly displayed on the receipt.
  6. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.

With over 11,500 Post Office® branches nationwide, the Post Office® is the perfect place for you to top-up your PFS Prepaid MasterCard.

  1. Hand over your PFS card and the amount you wish to load to the person behind the counter.
  2. They will swipe your card and give you a receipt with the value you have loaded clearly displayed on the receipt.
  3. The funds will appear on your card the following working day.

Register your debit/credit card online with us to link the card to your Prepaid card. Once you have registered your debit/credit card you can then load funds directly to your prepaid card.

You can register your debit/credit card to your prepaid card by logging onto our online banking platform here and following the instructions from there.