Where to use your card

As a cardholder, you can use your card to make purchases online, in-store and over the phone at over 34 Million worldwide merchant locations that accept MasterCard®.

The PFS Prepaid MasterCard has a variety of uses dependent on your needs, including:

  • Shopping securely online

    Your card is not linked to your bank account greatly reducing the risk of fraud when you shop online.

  • Sending money to family and friends

    PFS cardholders can send money to other PFS cardholders instantly for a set rate of 1.5%. This makes PFS a very attractive proposition for people who wish to send funds overseas or within the UK. No queuing or forms to fill in, just a simple, secure, cheap means of sending money.

  • Individuals with a poor credit rating

    Any resident of the UK over 18 years of age is eligible for a PFS card. No credit checks. No bank account required. It couldn't be simpler. Simply pick up a pack in-store, load it at the counter and get your PIN. Your card is ready to use. It can be used online and at more the 30 million locations worldwide.

  • Managing your budget

    With a PFS card you can only spend the money you've loaded to the card but have all of the benefits of a payment card that works anywhere the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed. Set out your budget, load it to the card and you can be safe in the knowledge you can never spend more than you can afford and you can never accumulate debt.

  • Online gambling

    If you like an occasional flutter on the horses or playing online poker the PFS card could be ideal for you. As you can only spend what's on your card it can help you manage your budget more effectively and stop you getting carried away.

  • Teens

    Want to keep track of your kids spending? Why not load their spending money onto a card. Their transactions can be monitored and they can only ever spend what's been loaded to your card. You can provide your family with all of the convenience of a MasterCard payment card with zero risk of overspending.

  • Wages Payments

    Cashing wages cheques can be both costly and time consuming. Have your wages paid onto your PFS card and they will be available to spend within minutes of arriving in our bank account. Your card can be used to make purchases for FREE within the UK. Contact us for more information relating to having your wages paid onto your prepaid card.

  • Business Expenses cards

    Business expenses cards provide a quick distribution method for company expenses or per diem allowances. Using prepaid cards to pay staff expenses can dramatically streamline a company's existing expense process. Reducing the costs associated with monthly or daily staff allowances. Business Prepaid Credit Cards can remove a lot of time-consuming paperwork while providing staff members with all of the convenience and reliability of a MasterCard payment card.